1971 [FRENCH]

Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

IMDb Rating 7.1/10 10 3563 3.6K

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Plot summary

Selling author, Antoine Brisebard is a victim of a blackmailer, Jo, which threatens to jeopardize his reputation by revealing the past of his wife Sylvia. While the latter must pass the same night to take possession of the money required, Brisebard accidentally kills ...

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Louis de Funès as Antoine Brisebard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luc-rolland-1 10 / 10

A very funny story with a cast of excellent actors.

This movie is adapted from a play and is the kind of high paced funny movies where one joke follows the next one. The text is excellent which is rare in comedies which tend to be vulgar. None there. The cast, as far as I am concerned Louis de Funes is in great shape but he is surrounded by even better comedians like Bernard Blier which I really enjoy so much in almost all his movies. The soundtrack reaches levels that would have made it good enough for a James Bond movie.

This movie is full of intelligence and highlights the quality of those great comedies, made in France, that were so common in those days.

I really laughed when I saw it in one Montreal's theatre when it came out and I still laughed as much recently watching it again.

Now, lets hope that this movie gets a DVD release soon.

Reviewed by lasttimeisaw 6 / 10

Film Review - Jo (1971) 6.2/10

"In JO, de Funès plays comedy playwright Antoine Brisebard, who has been blackmailed for years by the titular Jo, a shady figure who has been asking Antoine for hush money for a secret concerning the latter's actress wife Sylvie (Gensac). Facing financial ruins, Antoine hatches a plan to croak Jo once and for all, the foundation of the gazebo Sylvie just ordered for his birthday fits like a perfect locale to bury the body. But comedy of errors and a bird-dogging Inspector Ducros (Blier) prevent his plan from going swimmingly, Antoine even doesn't know the identity of the man he accidentally shoots, before soon the film is debased to a monomaniac slapstick about "how to hide the stiff?", Antoine and Sylvie's concerted endeavor wears thin quickly, while the hustling and bustling supporting cast doesn't help either (as the roughly manhandled maid, Christiane Muller's forced laughter is squirm-inducing), this quasi-single-location farce eventually fizzles out with more cheap knockabouts than boffola laughter."

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Reviewed by deloudelouvain 7 / 10

Louis de Funès is always funny whatever movie he plays in.

Jo might not be the funniest movie with Louis de Funès but I still enjoy it as much as the first time I watched it. To me there are no bad movies starring Louis de Funès. He's by far the best comedian France as ever had, the man with 40 different facial expressions per minute, always very energetic and a delight to watch. Jo has flaws like most French comedies from the seventies but the cast makes this movie enjoyable to watch. Louis de Funès, Claude Gensac, Bernard Blier and Michel Galabru, all comedians that everybody liked, are almost a guarantee for a funny movie. Claude Gensac played again the wife of Louis de Funès, she would do that ten times in her career, a thing we were all familiar with after awhile. Her collaboration with Louis de Funès always worked. Louis de Funès can make any movie good as his energy, screen presence and great sense of humor are always very enjoyable to watch. The story in Jo isn't perfect, that's obvious, but even those minor faults can't bring the quality of this movie down. When I watch a movie like this one I just want to watch more movies starring Louis de Funès, he has that kind of charisma you never get enough of.

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