The Island


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 4.3/10 10 605 605

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Plot summary

When his brother is killed, LAPD officer Mark leaves the city to return to the island he grew up on. Seeking answers and ultimately vengeance, he soon finds himself in a bloody battle with the corrupt tycoon who's taken over the island paradise.

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

You have awaken the Devil

Mark (Michael Jai White) is a Los Angeles detective. We see his brother Akeem (Tristan Duncan ) killed by Manuel Alverez (Edoardo Costa ) who is a Dos Equis meme. Mark returns to his island home for his brother's funeral and we discover he is the only guy without an accent. His ex-wife (Gillian White) is there and runs a dojo. Mark investigates his brother's murder which is blamed on gangs. There is a Van Damme scene with a gang. He eventually gets to Nora (Cami Storm), the witness who like red wine.

Script was dry. I am sure AI could do better. Dialogue was boring.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by mya-98398 1 / 10

Can he kick it? Nope he cant!

Holy cow Batman first up nobody in this movie could act, so kind of handicapped from the start. The script was nonsense, cobine that with the lack of acting and terrible catch phases and you would do well to get to the end awake!

The main guy who has zero acting ability like to kick people but he clearly past his best kicking people days. So they have to use different camera angles, slow mos just to make his kicks ok. It dont work looks worse he is stiff, unflexible and loos rediculous pretending to be a martial artist. Dont do been warned you most likely switch it off after 10-15mins.

Reviewed by clivejamesrd 3 / 10

Unwatchable Dreck Award Winner

This movie is 100% miss able. Within minutes I knew I was in for a raw deal. The only reason I stick it out was so I could say I saw it and have every right, therefore to trash the steaming pile. . .

Bad writing, bad acting, bad directing. It you took a nap while it was on, you got the best out of the deal. This is not a joke.

Now, an aside to the shillers that "reviewed" this mindnumbing hogwash, if you are gonna shill don't go over the top with your 10 star ratings and your raving review. It's waaaaay too obvious that "here be unalloyed, unashamed shilling". Those are red flags. A good shill is a 6-7 rating and some toned down texts that tries to show some balance in your dreck. Serve up some appreciaition for this and for that. Then mention one or two places that could have been better. Stuff like that.

Whatever you do, always remember that yes, a rose is still a rose even if you call it a venus fly trap.

Conversely, a full outhouse is still is still a full outhouse even if you call it the Waldorf Astoria.

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